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The Society for Creative Anachronism

is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the study of pre-seventeenth century western european culture. That is primarily the culture of medieval and renaissance europe. Gary and Patsy are known in the Society as
Gerek's Arms Icon Master Gerek the Far-seeing and Chimene's Arms Icon Mistress Chimene des CinqTours.

They live with their son Ari's Arms Icon Ari Gereksson in the Barony of Adiantum.

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Branches of the SCA

SCA research

SCA heraldry

SCA history

Autocratting and Events

  • Alexander's Pennsic War Page
  • Baron Durrs fire book
  • Barts big pennsic article
  • Event Packing Lists and Tips
  • Pennsic War Page
  • Tents and Pavilions
  • Unvented Portable Kerosene Heaters   updated 2013/12/14

    Armour and Combat




    Other historical recreationist organizations

    Other Lists of Organizations

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