May Crown Curia Minutes

His Majesty, King Torgul, opened the meeting by observing that the kingdom is always short of money; the kingdom should have lots of money. The kingdom shouldhave more money than anyone else. Shires and baronies should not have $4,000 bank accounts while the kingdom is scraping for postage. The king proposes a tax once a year of 5-10 of the average coffer for the year from each group. Twelfth Night monies should not be counted into the average annual balance.

Discussion followed on whether it should be a flat rate or an assessment on a sliding scale? Basing taxation on a head count would be impossible and would drive down membership. This matter will be investigated further by the Exchequer and the Seneschale.

His Majesty then mentioned to the Calendar and the Seneschale the scheduling misunderstanding that had occurred concerning Norse Midsummer and Blatha an Oir Lord Defender's Tourney, and that he did not forbid Blatha an Oir to hold their tournament on that date, and that that should have been made clear to Blatha on Oir.

Seneschale - The kingdom is alive; eight groups in the whole kingdom made the requirements. Out of all the branches everyone has a seneschal; only three seneschals had expired. Morwyn has instituted three regional seneschals.

Black Lion Herald - Field heralds are okay, they're trying to train more field heralds and court heralds. The current An Tir letter is late. The roster system is okay; he's trying to delegate.

Marshals - The An Tir Book of Combat is in the hands of Antadina - needs funds to publish. He is working on a proposed boffer system. Edward the Stuffy was deputy while Scellanus was in Scotland - there were problems with finding a deputy to contact. Scellanus is resigning - the deadline for applications is September Crown.

Arts - Godytha has had the office for five months. She has been sending out bimonthly letters to ministers of arts in all areas. She is asking in the current one what people think about the letters. On the subject of finances: it was brought up in Madrone baronial council that the kingdom should consider having a seed money fund to be loaned out to people who are doing events who have to put down a deposit on the site - perhaps $500-$600 earmarked only for seed money. Lynne states that whenever seed money has been requested for an event it has been provided. Lynne doesn't consider designating funds a good idea. There was a proposal similar to the earlier tax proposal of a profit tax on events, to be accounted for annually in the "Crier".

Sciences - There is a project going on to build a kingdom pavilion. Ludwig has the roof cut out and partially assembled. The guylines are arranged for and some other pieces for it. There have been donations to cover the frame and sidewalls. He got the last quarter report back from the local branches. His printer broke down before this weekend so he doesn't have it to hand out. The roster came through pretty well - all baronies are covered. Some of the better shire officers weren't members. He has started a kingdom-level project: he's getting set up to put a bibliography and resource list cross-referenced, on computer. It has been proposed for July Coronation (with arts and sciences and the guilds) to coordinate as a group on kingdom contests and possibly set up a place where all are together for all guild-level activities and contests - an "arts and sciences eric". The response so far from the guilds is favorable.

Exchequer - Since Twelfth Night we are just shy of $1700.
$522.95 from Wastekeep from Twelfth Night
$309.57 for crown fund
$331.75 travel from Adiantum
$529.00 from Imperium
Stormcrow needs some of the crown fund - about $200 for work.
We are shooting for Twelfth Night on the new crowns. There was a letter from Imperium saying that the Seneschale will report at the end of the year to the Steward on how the money was spent.

Chronicler - We lost our printer - "Crier" will be very late this month. We no longer have cheap printing. We're going to have to edit copy - we cant have a page for every event as we have been doing.

Chirurgeon - There are now 25 warranted chirurgeons in the kingdom. There are no chirurgeons in the baronies of Three Mountains, Wastekeep and Borealis.

Constable - Siegfried says he has learned a lot since taking over the office. There are several areas that do not have constables. Siegfried mentioned that there had been a problem finding a chirurgeon at an event, and suggested a sort of 24-hour duty pavilion which would have on on-duty medic and constable 24 hours a dog at events. He also mentioned a concern about finding officers at events; perhaps there should be a standardized field layout, so that the chirurgeon's pavilion would always be at the same location, etc.; or perhaps the tents of the officers could fly banners so they could be identified. Wilhelm mentioned that heralds do not find people or announce lost and found items. There was discussion about buying a pair of walkie-talkies for the Constables Office with the BoD money. They would be kept by the kingdom constables. Draggi will look into it. Three or four was suggested as a better number. It was mentioned that the walkie-talkies used at last years May Crown were indispensable in funnelling cars from the loading area to parking and out to the road. There was also brief discussion on keeping and maintaining files of waivers - who should be responsible, etc.

Chancellor - Conrad sent a note saying nothing had happened since the lost Crown event. Chancellor Ulfharr was supposed to be present but left yesterday. Morwyn does not have the authority to fire him and has heard nothing from him on whether he wishes to resign. Someone in Madrone may be a possibility for the position; we need to be able to obtain legal advice.

Chatelaine - There are 20 people on the roster serving as chatelaines or Gold Key Officers throughout the kingdom. Elspeth is receiving some job acceptance forms. She has a submission in process for a chatelaines' badge to differentiate them from Gold Key. The Gentle Heart's Guide is ready for a second printing.

Chief Scribe - There were about 30 people in attendance at the Scribes ' Alllthing in Madrone. There had been a bad feeling about the Scribes Office based on the fear that the structure that proposed at the Allthing was a rigid one, set in stone. Asahla has been working on revamping Scribes Charter; she is breaking up the office into several deputies who will specialize: illuminators. scribes, scriveners, book arts, publications. They are warranting qualified people at different levels. They gave out a lot of warrants today. Asahla wanted to re-emphasize that the proposal that went out at the Allthing was a proposal, nothing more.

Lists - Lists are fine. The tourney went well. There has been yet another revision of warrants to be passed through the kingdom. As far as Ariella knows, there are only six Mistresses of the Lists in the kingdom. She hasn't heard from anyone in Canada.

Census Office - He's still alive.

Lord Admiral - Captain Ragnar probably wont be operating this year. Captain Frederick has to sell the "China Doll". Captain Oscar's boat is ready for sea.
Hrothgar and [Dak] - their boats are ready to go. Norse Midsommer is all arranged.

Grete boke - She is starting on the Kingdom Book now and working backward.

Royal Archer - Thomas sent out copies of the proposed archery marshallate. Until now, there have been no regulations nor anyone trained in marshalling archers. He should have a proposal by September Crown. He's encouraging everyone to shoot and win the IKAC this year.

Games - Jean Louis will be having contests for each Crown event on various games.

Waterbearers - [Baronies and shires have waterbearers that are functioning?) Melissa has a job that requires that she work most weekends, so she is appointing deputies.

Royal Chamberlain - There is regalia. She will shortly be giving a list of regalia and its value to the Kingdom Exchequer.

Morwyn then commented on warranting officers: in general, were not supposed to warrant an officer unless they are a paid member. It is a problem keeping track of this.
[I have here some sort of cryptic scrawl concerning a discussion of religious practices, and how the SCA does not authorize or allow any such - I believe it was a question Draggi raised regarding the skit presented at May Crown on Saturday evening. No action noted.]
Ludwig mentioned to me, after Curia, that Eastern Airlines has some sort of cargo flights into Houston which sell passenger space at $40 apiece one-way, carry-on luggage only, with an eye towards TYC.

By my hand this 26th day of May A.S. XX,
Mistress Antadina Exeter du Nordlac, Co-Chronicler

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