Large business first: Crown events for next year: May Crown will be in Vulkanfeldt; sight has some water hazard that will need to be widely publicized. July Coronation will be July 1-4 in Montengarde; discussion about what that date would do to An Tir/West War. July 1-4 has a Canadian holiday on Friday and an American on Monday--long weekend for travelling. Richard of Seahaven opined that West would probably be interested in the War even if not on the 4th; need to consult with West about what alternate date, then autocrat. Montengarde's bid was a splen- diferous document. September Crown will be in Adiantum, Zumwalt on the reservoir. These three bids apparently were the three received by the early deadline, several others never materialized.

25YC Bid (Twenty-fifth Year Celebration will be in 1991) must be to Board by Oct 17. Finalizing sub-autocrats. This would be an all-Kingdom effort. Plan to coordinate with Middle and East--want to work WITH Pennsic people. Site is Farragut State Park, An Tir's bid for 20th, site of September Crown last year (though we would be using a different, larger part of the park). Idaho State Park officials are very interested in having us; local travel agents planning vacation packages to include other area attractions (some armor museum, Terrell Dinosaurs in Alberta, etc.); possibility of using local school district buses for shuttling from Spokane (airport) to site; Amtrac in Coeur d'Alene. Authorized funding for a real, pro presentation. Decided to write proposal for June only; yes, May is the traditional date but makes it impossible for MANY people who are either in school themselves or who have children in school to attend; and TYC was done in May; therefore, we'll go with principle of making the date available to the most possible.

Items of interest from the Officers' reports:

Constable: this is a good site, no mundanes, event going well.

Marshal handed out sample blanks of fighter cards. It has no waiver, and a too-small space for blazon, so . . . Who does the approving? Regular authorization procedures. What about in Canada? A mess.

Exchequer: $2834 (?), plus travel fund; A&S Pavilion moneys coming in; no report yet for July Coronation. Heralds need more money? Some confusion about recent past reimbursements, how much previous officer was covering out of his own pocket. Suggested someone with accounting experience help heralds track funds.

Lists is fine, has made Lists a non-reporting office. Working on the fighter cards with Marshal.

Arts says the Ithra and other classes at this event are working out nicely.

Chatelaine doesn't have the video master yet, so can't make more, and isn't going to send in T.I. ad 'til she has master in hand for production; doesn't have new pricing figured yet either (assuming lower copy production costs will lower cost, but how much . . .)

Sciences: contests this event are going well. Talk about trailer later.

Chamberlain: have lots of medallions for a change, even Gouttes. Crown Prince and Princess cloaks soon, maybe this event.

Royal Archer has 2nd edition of war archery rules; has tested the new regu- lations, and they don't work. Does anyone else do combat archery the way An Tir does?

Chirurgeon has 14, plus 2 apprentices; has had some communications from national; current Board (?) definition of "emergency first aid" is a problem.

Chancellor, Games, Waterbearers, Seneschal -- no report or "OK"

Herald processed 55 new submissions this letter; is organizing a "road-show" for outlying branches (took work party to BriarOak, will be taking to Alpine Pass, Avacal). Needs to develop local staff to help with paperwork; having some difficulties still transfering computers; says finances should be OK til May. Some populace being difficult about 1 hour court deadline.

Chronicler requests Great Officers to report changes of address expeditiously. Directory done and delivered (300 copies) to Chatelaine for distribution/sale ($1 each) (total cost $228). Question of whether or not guild publications should be reporting to Chronicler's office. Several options suggested; nothing settled at this point.

Regalia trailer. Robin needs, still, to know how much room is needed on trailer before design can be completed. Question: WHO is going to haul it? Retinue, royals, some new officer? Licensing, insurance, reimbursing mileage? Contact Celdae if you have pertinent information. (Chronicler related details of trailer they have just constructed for camping gear.)

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