Many thanks to Master Edward who provided the following notes of the May Crown Curia.

Seneschal--Chronicler will be gone [out of publishing business, at least] in August. Looking for applicants.

An Tir has BoD bid in Vancouver BC, October 19 & 20 [Ed. 22nd, from BoD minutes; meeting at 10 am], meeting and revel on Saturday. Melissa Kendal is in charge of accomodations for BoD meeting. New BoD member is Berek von Langental.

Pennsic--Steingrim is going; 15-20 definitely going and over 50 thinking of it; Angharad and Thorin thinking of it--Duke's Row?? Will hold space for An Tir but have to fight for East; Duke Aonghais has offered pay [for An Tir] to fight for the East. Which side does An Tir want? Zoe Anastasia from Vulkanfeldt will be there Aug 8. Need to know who's going since a roster will be posted to save space. A Pennsic meeting will be held at An Tir/ West War.

Royal Chamberlain--Kingdom Awards are missing [a box-full was misplaced at the event]

Exchequer--$2090.29 in the bank; this figure includes $887.14 royal travel fund, $915.50 Arts & Sciences pavilion fund.

Marshal--Successor will be Geoffrey de Rennes (of Lions Gate); install at An Tir/West War.

Arts--Pavilion, [have] most of money, need person to make, and transporta- tion. Costumers Guild will be setting up to have 1/4 of collection on perma- nent loan in Avacal [the 1/4 will rotate?]. Arts & Sciences [this means the new pavilion?] should be assigned eric frontage.

Sciences--Going well; contest had lots of entries.

Chatelaine--Re-working TI ad for the demo tape.

[May Crown] Autocrat--554 in attendance; about $800 [taken in]

Lists--May not be able to make Coronation. 58 fighters in this Crown List.

Black Lion--Up-to-date on letters. Second Book of Ceremonies [should be] out by July Coronation or September Crown.

Pied Piper--Handbook by September.

Royal Archer--Work out archery discussion with Marshal & King.

July Coronation--Large boy scout camp, lake, fridges, ovens & place for peerage meetings (tavern); people with large groups can book bunks (8 to a cabin), contact Garrathe Ravensood if needed. First come, first served. Not Calgary, [but] north of Red Deer--Sylvan Lake "Camp Woods Boy Scout Camp". Wet site. Showers/running water/portapots.

Last updated 4/26/96.

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