Sciences - The queen asked about the status of the royal pavilion. Ludwig reports that it is not assembled, but is in process. He's got the roof and frame. He hopes to have the basic canopy at September Crown.

Black Lion - Field heraldry is going well and is nicely organized. We have new court heralds in training. Electrum Herald just quit. Book heraldry is still operating on a principality-level structure rather than kingdom. All devices passed by kingdom are at Laurel. They need more people.

The seneschale arrived with the agenda--she didn't have quite all the paperwork done on which branches have officers and which don't. Most of the groups seem to be doing fairly well. There are no imminent crises. The potential regions are going fairly well. Morwyn is going to be stepping down from the office at Twelfth Night--she needs applications for her successor. Copies should be sent to Their Majesties (note separate addresses) and a copy to Morwyn. She will then write a recommendation based on those applications.

Earl Marshal - The An Tir Book of Combat has been delayed in its appearance, and since Antadina is leaving, Scellanus will be publishing it for September Crown. The Master of Stables rosters are done.

Arts - The arts are flourishing. She has continued doing bimonthly letters; people seem to like them. [Gpdytha then brought up a discussion which I can best summarize in the question: do we want to try to set up a travel fund to try to get kingdom representation to TYC? His Majesty directed that we return to this question later.] The Costumers' Guild is owed some money which has never been paid. Asha's statement is that two years ago, the seneschale of the former Shire of Rosemont ordered $185 worth of fabrics from the Costumers' Guild over the telephone. The promised check did not arrive; Asha tried to contact the lady without any response. Asha sent her a registered letter; she said first of all that they had sent a postal money order that had gotten lost, but it wasn't true; then they said that they had sent a bank order but the bank has folded. Asha has made numerous attempts to get the bill paid or some sort of satisfaction. We will probably not be able to collect because their car has evidently been seized for their failure to pay lawyers' fees. There was discussion of the use of small claims court or some sort of sanction barring them from membership or attendance at events. Their Majesties will speak to the lady about banishment if they do not pay up.

Godytha got the revised warranting roster to Morwyn this afternoon. She now needs to get herself warranted.

Exchequer - As of the first of the year, the kingdom has a total income of $2,963.12. Checks came in today from Madrone Crown. Morwyn has the full report back at her camp. Expenses have been $1,710.79 including $1,00 advanced to kingdom-level events: $200 for the war and $800 for September Crown. We are hoping to get at least $800 back from Crown. General--$669.69, Travel--$473.25 ($80 bill from Their Previous Majesties), Crown--$353.52 [200 has been paid, 200 forthcoming leaves $153 balance]; Total--$1,496.46.

We talked about printing quarterly or bimonthly reports, or reports on each Crown event.

Constable - He's sent a report to Morwyn. He had a couple of items: drinking at events--how does the Curia feel about it and what would the Crown like done about it? Minors drinking in particular--in the states of Washington and Oregon, it could hurt the SCA as far as using the park system. He has had good response when he's gone to deal with it personally. There was discussion on dry sites and the need to change the emphasis on drinking in particular. It was suggested we print something in the "Crier". We need to police each other and make penalties explicit.

[I missed the chroniclers' report because I helped give it. The only thing I can remember is that I'm leaving.]

There was discussion of making kingdom officers' banners. The Costumers' Guild could make banners with kingdom funds.

Chirurgeon - Report was mailed in.

Chancellor - There was a report from Chancellor Conrad von Graz--he keeps depending on Ulfarr as a deputy, but Ulfarr let his membership lapse. Conrad is looking for somebody to succeed him. He's updating the waiver form. $250 from Twelfth Night in Adiantum was kept by the people they rented the hall from and it has not been looked into. If it gets much longer, it will be too late to attempt to take them to small claims court. There was discussion on whether it would be advisable to act on this idea or not.

There was a proposal by Morwyn that at future Curia meetings, lesser officers report through greater officers.

Chatelaine - The Media Medievalist has been rewritten. It will be printed in the next two weeks. She is continuing to run contests for new people. She has 26 warranted chatelaines and Gold Key officers.

Calendar - Nothing to report; everything's fine.

Chief Scribe - Rewarranting everyone; system working.

Lists - Fine. [Dak would like the tourney to run as briskly as possible: "At 10 a.m., court, then the fighters will leap into armor and be inspected by a superfluity of marshals and proceed onto the field."]

Census - ?

Lord Admiral - The Royal Navy was at Norse Midsummer on June 21-22; they took in $72 worth of checks and $378 cash. $450.50; they took a Canadian discount of $3.95. Site cost $315; food cost, $140; $6 rental; [?] - $95. Total - $557.87; $110.32 loss.

Great Book - Nothing new. First published stuff by Twelfth Night.

Royal Archer - ?

Gamesmaster - Games contest starting at September Crown.

Waterbearer - Melissa has had the office for four years - her successor will be Jocelyn Miranda of Alloway.

Pages - ?

Pied Pipers - Everything is proceeding; they're encouraging more groups.

Provost Marshal - Was here.

Royal Chamberlain - Crowns and pavilion in works. If any new regalia are received by the Crown, please let her know.

TYC - returning to an earlier comment: Dak is personally not sure if he is in favor of a travel fund. Tabled till September.

Old Business - Taxation: very negative reactions. Dak feels that he is new in the position and needs to get a feel for where money is needed. He will discuss it with the exchequer.

Cormac - Expenses so far are $260 for the site. They've taken in a little over $1100 and more is expected before the end of the weekend.

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