Many thanks to Lady Celdae for providing these notes.


Seneschal - Going well. Pennsic happening; Clinton will be last date for Pennsic camp space roster sign-up. Kingdom expanding, 100 people in the last year, 39 branches. BoD meeting - all welcome (Oct 22 in Lions Gate).

Black Lion - Up to date. There are no lost files. Letters of rejection will be sent through branch heralds rather than to individuals. No Catherine Winifred or Wilhelm submission forms will be accepted after September Crown. Will probably be a submission cost rise around September also (see Black Lion letter this issue--Ed.)

Sciences - Moving well. Arts & Sciences pavilion: most money on hand to build it. Help by Armourers Guild. Need people to help sew it: anyone interested, with heavy-gauge sewing machine, contact Robbin.

Chatelaine - All chatelaines doing very well. Lions Gate VCR master out on loan to Everett? Wants another master in 33mm because TV stations use it more. TI ad (for demo tape) is ready but needs to be sent. Need graphics help to draft ad. Change postage to $1 for mailing.

Exchequer - Balance $3737.28. Money in from 12th Night.

Chancellor - Nothing to report. Anyone not subscriber or member should sign US waiver to get green card, even in Canada. Universal waiver systems are good in both US and Canada.

Earl Marshal - Are on green card system & white authorization.

Games Master - Resigning at 12th Night. Sept Crown water jousting.

Waterbearers - (Melissa representing) Jocelyn is resigning. Anyone interested contact her.

Chronicler - Successor situation is desperate. Anyone who is interested: whole or part of position is available. Kingdom will lose status if there is no newsletter.

Chamberlain - New bids for thrones by October 1. Thrones badly needed. The old ones are very fragile from years of use and severe abuse. Regalia trailer: excess funds from A&S pavilion are available for trailer, also from Ladies of the Rose money. Still investigating but probably won't go for. Eric rope [Heralds office] where are pennons and stakes that belong to Kingdom? List of presentations that could benefit Kingdom. Crown Pavilion damaged - 3M built it, they'll fix.


Teen age problems. Drinking, sexually related. Some structure needed to watch over teenagers.

Bids for next years Kingdom events due by August 20 if possible. Budgets must be supplied to Exchequer, Seneschal & Throne.

If there is a problem with a Kingdom Officer, go and talk to them, courteously. An angry person won't be helpful.

Last updated 4/26/96.

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