Curia commenced with officers reports, in order as per Crier Curia listing, Great Offices, then Lesser:

Seneschal: current on problems; among projects that are late: polling the populace of Nether Edge and Terra Pomarium (N.E. seneschal has pneumonia).

Black Lion: no backlog of submissions, thanks for Shara Tunoy for her aid; Book of Ceremonies is in the word processor.

Chronicler: first report from new Chronicler: financial situation appears adequate; several problems are in process; there will be a more comprehensive report in July. Comments on Calendar: is it/should it be a Chronicler or Seneschal deputy, a separate office? Remand for future discussion.

Exchequer: balance as of April 30: $1781.82. Her Majesty requests written details of how to bill for Crown travel expenses. Torgul is progressing on new crowns. Neither report nor funds have yet been received from 12th Night.

Earl Marshall: OK; is establishing regional deputies to help spread information; is preparing to revise Book of Combat; possibly an All-Thing in the fall.

Constable: (Gwilym Moore reporting) presented a rough draft of a Constables Handbook for comment. Comments: Siegfriede strikes some as not being very available for a Kingdom officer (alleged poor record with correspondence and has no phone (?)). Deputy Gwilym will run interference: send to Gwilym and he'll get it to S. Edward to write.

Chancellor: (Edward reporting) "all fine"

Arts: Arts letters, also Manual are in process; evidently there is some problem with officer's files getting mislaid in officer-transition process. Comments: Goditha brought up that at TYC she learned that almost universally in other Kingdoms, Scribes are a branch of Heralds, not Arts. Bogdan is currently Heraldry liaison; neither he nor Wilhelm would have any problem with such a reassignment. The "panel of control" could be continued for artistic quality control. The 2d Armorer's annual is ready to go to press. Costumer's Guild (Asha) is in process of making new officer banners.

Sciences: reports are coming in, a letter is ready. Conrad von Graz has written suggesting a "College of Judges"--to devise, standardize and publicize uniform judging criteria/forms for all types of contests, in every part of the Kingdom (so that someone in Borealis would know that the judging standards they were working to were the same as for someone in Adiantum).

Chirurgeon: fine; copy of current roster to Chronicler; had the new national Handbook of Chirurgeon's Guild. Major change: official Chirurgeons are NO LONGER the only folk allowed to do 1st aid (anyone who's qualified can help, I'm pretty sure he means--Chr.). Working on a new emblem.

Provost Marshall: there is no fencing yet because the Crown and Earl Marshall have not yet approved the rules he has submitted.

Calendar: Edward says it's running alright.

Chatelaine: working on badge, "ideals booklet"; info on Expo '86 demo.

Scribes: see Arts above.

Lists: "lists run"; ca. 45 in Crown lists. Comment: on the alleged requirement to carry a copy of the waiver on one's person at all times.

Census: new person (?), 6 month warrant.

Archer: going "great guns". Comment: (from Her Majesty?) if you put your archery practice in branch directory info in Crier, and have one person to record results, any archery practice can produce official IKAC scores!

Games: "exist"

Waterbearers: has revised handbook, still re-distributing. Proposed Kingdom front money for Kingdom-wide equipment project. Consensus feeling was that individual groups should equip their own areas; also she should check with Asha for discount bulk fabric purchase.

Pages: 2 handbooks done & ready to go; 3d on the way (8-15 yrs)

Pied Piper: doing well (ages 7 and under)

Chamberlain: insurance? regalia (includes guild & officers equipment & libraries???) now valued at ca. $7000. Baron Ulfhedinn:

insurance is too expensive & the stuff changes/replaces so rapidly anyway. Not settled. Stained glass from TYC will be personal to Arthur & Melissa (inconceivable to try to pass it on--too fragile). Domesday book: after this reign, should it be cared for by Chamberlain or Arts?? Sister Gwyneth plans to re-bind it into to volumes. Goute problem: Celdae got at least 5 offers of interest; also Goditha & Asahla are working on a silk-screen enameling process.

McFlandry Regiment: probably re-organizing back down to two units.

OTHER BUSINESS: A very VERY long discussion on mid-night racket, discourtesy, who's really doing what part of it (Gucci's, royal peers). Among comments: lots of paranoia about setting rules/precedents (TYC was the horrible example); some felt the "party poopers" are more annoying than the yellers; people come to events to have fun, some folks idea of "fun" can just be a little hard to live with; Gucci's can be quite responsive if approached correctly--they are building a pavilion re their "medieval slum", and Her Majesty will speak to them about swearing; people who get up or to events at 6 am and yell while setting up camp or doing breakfast are just as obnoxious as 2 am howlers. Closed with a quote from a college dorm: "Don't bug thy neighbor, but don't be bugged too easily".

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