Officers reports:

Seneschal: Things are going very well. Steward thinks Calendar policy should be Seneschal business, Edward doesn't agree.

Sciences: Reasonable, he's getting reports.

Games: No report.

Arts: Getting reports. Handbook for local officers. A long discussion of Arts and Sciences Pavilion design. Estimated $1000 for materials. Structure is supposed to be completely weather-tight (security of display materials), large enough to hold a dance class in. Plans requested to be at July meeting. Possible contribution from Ithra, because it could be used for classes. Ithra was discussed. She would like to have an Ithra/Arts meeting at Coronation.

Pages: Succession of office: Lady Sylvanna has left, now who?

Heraldry: Going fine, "nothing to report".

Lists: Reports the new lists table and new lists box "wonderful", thanks to Jean-Louis and apprentices. Looking forward to new shield board. Would like a lists pavilion.

Marshallate: Reported by Lists: "odd replies from corp." A long, heated and confusing discussion (that sort of started in the middle) ensued, subject: new waivers and fighting authorizations, status of. A Marshallate business meeting was proposed for Coronation.

Chronicler: Has new Grete Boke deputy. Is glad Edward is happy with Calendar the way it is, seems to be working fairly well, if people would fill out forms as instructed. Directory: Edward would like 500 c. for Chatelaine to sell at $1. Will collect price quotes for Coronation so a number for this edition can be decided. Payment OK'd for Red Tape. Has plans for recruiting a deputy to handle reports from local chroniclers.

Chirurgeon: No problems. 17 warranted, 2 apprentices.

Exchequer: All outstanding Crown event funds collected. 12th Night provided ca. $540. Adjusted balance ca. $3000. Travel fund is at minimum, Daffodil donation hasn't arrived.

McFlandry: Numbers stable, 60 overall, averages 20 to Kingdom events, 10 outside I-5 corridor. Some difficulties with musket practice site.

Constable: Going well, good reporting lately, numbers are up.

New Business:

Much distress at word about 25th Year Celebration siting process. The BoD apparently thinks TYC site was marvelous -- which means they haven't heard any different. Most at Curia say it was awful, they enjoyed event IN SPITE of site, organizational difficulties, etc. Great concern expressed that populace be informed of this so they can comment to BoD.

July Coronation autocrats checked in. Site has "horseys for decoration". Crown Princess asked about whether there would be waterbearers.

Asha, on officer banners she has made/is making. Contact her if you don't have all frame pieces.

Arts brought up Regalia trailer. Who was doing plans? Koryu. He still needs some information before he can start.

Last updated 4/26/96.

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