Seneschal - all OK, 6 new seneschals

Marshal - fine, re-organizing

Constable - going well, has 2d draft of handbook

Chronicler - His Majesty offered his file of Criers for archive copying

Arts - going well, Scribes handbook is out as of this event

Chamberlain - Goutte production getting under control - Sophia's needlepointed ones are thought very nice, may continue with them; inventory will be done today

Chatelaine - going well; doing a broad-scale demo videotaping today

Sciences - "alive & well"

Pages - going well, have found deputy

Provost Marshal - unofficial rules being used now, much interest

Black Lion representative - going well

Pied Piper - going well

Waterbearers - doing fine, is thinking of doing some awards for her people

Exchequer - 12th Night - $1350 receipts; total now ca. $3000

Games - written report

DISCUSSION: Seneschal's opinion - now that we're "rich", we can think of revising some old policies on Office expenses, may be able to help with some re-imbursements (i.e. Calendar's phone bills), that we've never been able to afford to do before. POLICY: Kingdom expects an average return of $500 per Crown event.

Scribes move from Arts to Heralds - His Majesty sees no problem.

Seneschal - reports complaints of "Crier too full of event copy"; Chronicler will be setting guidelines for maximum space for copy without advertising rates applying.

Seneschal - regional officers - doesn't want to see a proliferation of all offices at regional level; for some things it's reasonable, but not an excuse to create a whole new level of bureaucracy.

Red Tape issue - Seneschal & Chronicler propose, to include rosters of all offices, laws, OP, official forms, etc. This is something some other Kingdoms do annually and is very handy to have all in one place. Kingdom currently subsidizes annual Laws supplement, could do the same or help with this.

Rosters - King doesn't mind signing each page; Corporate requirement sort of.

Thanks to the autocrat; who spoke up to inform that gate was 420+, means $1000+ profit. Note: PR, they always leave TP in the cans, and a couple of bags of quicklime for same. (Site is Boy Scout camp.)

Complaint/question/problem - Renaissance faire events. "not demo, not Camlann, but in between. Steward says IRS - no problem." If they're "not an event", then geographical proximity shouldn't count with Calendar, eh? "real event" implies costumes, some degree of control; need to do definition of "not real", Seneschal will check for his predecessor's Calendar conflict policy.

Chronicler is interested in gathering "customary usage" traditions that have grown up in the last several years (i.e. royal peers on the eric, Kingdom financial expectations about Crown events -- see above for that one), so they can be published, for the edification of all the populace. People play happier when everybody knows all the rules to begin with.

Exchequer - very early morning noise is/can be just as obnoxious as night noise; "heralds are loud enough".

#September Curia set for 10 am Monday; discussion of trying to schedule a joint peerage meeting at Sept. too -- maybe Saturday early evening; or after investiture court, if people have had time to eat before investiture court.

His Majesty - he thinks these very short officers reports at Curia are sufficient; the people who need the information most (the Heirs) have already received detailed written reports; leaves time for issues discussions as we are having now, today. Admiral is coming off of Lesser Officer list; McFlandry information is fine where it is (with guilds and orders).

Census is "alive"; 700 names, but information is up to 3 years old. Crier will run current form ASAP; $3 for copies; talk to Gerek about programming problem; address correction.

Earl Marshal - National meeting proposed for Kansas City. A. has investigated

plane fares some, asks about a subsidy from Kingdom for half the fare? Someone suggests trying to get Corporation to spring for it, cite Seneschals meeting for precedent.

EXPO demo - needs more fighters; people can still sign up; she has 70 people

and 150 passes at this point. Crash space will be provided among LG populace.

Magna Carta demo - was impressive, apparently, "really great" - Seneschal. 15 minutes on local noon news.

Chronicler - back copies. Has very large numbers of some issues; could be a storage issue. How many official Archival sets should Kingdom try to maintain? One for Chronicler's office, one for Crier editor, one for Grete Boke. K.Seneschal not interested, he says. Chatelaine agreed to take a set if it's not too big. Then offer to local chroniclers and/or librarians at $.25 per each; then to populace?? Aweiodian informs former Chronicler sold them for $1 to raise office expense money.

Last updated 4/26/96.

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