The meeting was opened by HRM Melissa at 10:37 and Rhiannon asked everyone to proofread the laws and reread the last three curia meeting minutes. Edward called the meeting to order at 10:54 and asked for officers reports.

Herald: The Herald's office is going great! All letters have gone to where they need to and coronets are being trained in the ways of heraldry.

Earl Marshall: Aweiodian said he was too new to have a report.

Arts: The Jewelry Ithra will make money. Far Eastern Ithra has been cancelled. Chief Scribe reported through the Arts Mistress that there is a new seal (the old one broke), there is a 200 scroll backlog and Scrib(ble) is late. The Costumers Guild reported they will make Kingdom banners for the Kingdom officers. If they can get the devices, they have the material. Taliesin will be disbanded or reorganized.

Sciences: No report

Exchequer: Sent in a written report stating that we had $2154.00.

Constable: Llewelyn reported. He said that warrants need to be taken care of. There was discussion about the security and comforts of the constables on duty. Llewelyn said that usually the sponsoring branch shares sunshade/raincover, chairs, table, and lamp with the kingdom.

Chronicler: Rhiannon apologized for the lack of Curia minutes for the September Curia and said that steps had been taken to remedy the problem. Crier has been on time every month. The $600.00 deficit that was there when Rhiannon and Antadina took over is not there any more. She plans for the March (ed note: now postponed until May) issue to be a selection of the best of other kingdom newsletters. She had to fire a chronicler. Rhiannon received a letter asking her why An Tir was the only Kingdom that did not send in a pavilion design to Complete Anachronist. She had no reply.

Chirugeon: No report

Chancellor: Conrad was happy to report that there was no report. Edward asked about the problems at the border and Valina reported that His Excellency Dak had to pay a $10.00 duty on the thrones and that we should not have to pay it again. There is a paper that needs to stay with the thrones.

Calendar: In general things are going okay. There is a problem as people don't seem to understand Form 2. Edward didn't think Form 2 was good. Rhiannon explained that Form 1 gets you the date and that Form 2 gets the pertinent information. One doesn't need the hall and stuff to get the date 8 months in advance. HRM Melissa felt that was unnecessary information and Rhiannon said that it is required at the corporate level. Amanda asked about the warranted officer and Rhiannon replied that Corpora requires it. Conrad said that they shouldn't and he would check into it.

At this time Wilhelm asked if Curia time was being used effectively. He felt that most of the business he had heard could be done over the phone or in writing. Conrad felt that people were here as regional representatives as well as Kingdom officers and he thought that this was good. Edward said that Curia is the place to say what you need others to hear and that it is only 12 hours of your year. It was part of the obligation of being a kingdom officer and necessary. Then he asked for the Calendar report to continue.

There followed a long discussion about official status in relation to insurance. Edward asked why we put the burden of Form 2 on the autocrat. He suggested that Calendar send it back along with the confirmation. The Canadians pointed out that it could take weeks for this to happen and it would still be pointless. Clifford then suggested that calendar could send a sheet about the responsibilities and duties of an autocrat along with the confirmation. Edward felt that it would cost too much and could detract from local custom. There then was a discussion about the rights and responsibilities of an autocrat.

Chatelaine: Reported that there are 35 officers. There will be a contest at TYC for new people. The Gentle Hearts Guide is paid for and there will be a contest for the best piece of armour made by a beginner at May Crown.

Lists: Llewelyn has taken over computerizing the fighter's card box. There is still no official lists table or pavilion. She has the wrong ZIP in the Crier. Thomas asked from who to get archers waivers. Conrad asked why there were two separate waivers and Edward said that we need two. There then was a discussion about the storage of site waivers and it was noted that the Kingdom Constable keeps the waivers from Kingdom events while local waivers stay local and it was generally a mess. Morimoto suggested that we check into a used microfich machine. Edward said that he would check with Caid and the West to see how they are storing their waivers. Arielle finally answered that archers should see her too.

Archer: Everything is going well. He is revising the combat archery regulations and will get a copy to the Earl Marshal by May Crown.

Great Boke: No report

Water Bearer: Going great.

Pied Piper: No report

Chamberlain: No report

Admiral: No report. It was discussed that the fleet should be given a writ to conduct a separate court to give fleet awards and commisions. Curia reccommended this to Their Majesties.

Then we discussed court in general and how long court and the peerage meetings were at 12th Night. Under discussion: that12th Night could be a two day event; peers should limit the amount of time they could talk about one person; peers should decide at September their recomendations for 12th Night; peers should meet on the second day; and the peerages could be dissolved. It was then mentioned that Curia was not the place to talk about the peerage meetings. It was suggested that one of the peers present bring this up at the peerage meetings.

Edward and Amanda will contact customs about the Royal Regalia traveling across the border.

Pending the approval of the Exchequer, $25.00 was approved to open an account for the listmistress.

Curia then decided that the person taking minutes should go over them before the meeting was ended to make sure that all the business is delegated or finished.

The meeting was officially closed around the hour of noon and everyone left around 1:30.

By my hand this 2nd day of Feb. A.S. XX.

Valina del Moreno

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