Master Edward the Stuffy, Kingdom Seneschal, opened the meeting. Her Majesty Queen Meagan was in attendance.

Mistress of the Lists requested a lists pavilion. It should be fairly fancy, canvas, no guy-ropes or center pole (as, for example, Viscountess Koressa's). It should be built to last about five years. She would like it by September Crown, if possible. Possible dimensions and structures were discussed. It was suggested that Viscountess Koressa be approached to loan hers for September Crown while the issue is studied further.

The Earl Marshal reported that an updated roster of the Marshallate will be mailed to Their Majesties. He also announced that he is resigning as of Twelfth Night, and already has three applications. Fighters' and marshals' cards will be in use soon. They are signed once a year, and would be presented to the lists at tourneys. They will probably be necessary for fighting out-of-Kingdom in the future. The cards are available from the Stock Clerk, but the exact cost is unknown. The Marshals' Court was discussed. This is a system which deals with problems on the field, but which bypasses The Crown. This system bothers the Earl Marshal, but he does feel some new system of grievances (which includes the Crown) would be good. The new proposed war archery rules were discussed at length, with most people voicing displeasure at them.

The Seneschal handed out membership rosters at the seneschals' meeting. There are some baronies and shires with membership problems that are a concern. Bid packages for Crown events were available.

Exchecquer reported a current balance of $3070, with some checks written for July Coronation still out. The travel fund has $389.44 plus a $100 gift to Their Majesties by the Barony of Three Mountains.

Distribution/sale of the Census/Directory will be handled by the Chatelaine's office. The cost of printing the census was discussed, with the prces for various quantities presented. It was decided to print 300, to be available at September Crown (Chronicler will produce).

Gamesmaster reported that the Games Octathlon is continuing. He has been on he job for two years and wishes to continue.

The new Chatelaine, Elayne Greybeard, was introduced. She reported that an ad for the "Welcome to the Current Middle Ages" video will be placed in Tournaments Illuminated. They need to produce 20 more from the original contractor to satisfy contractual obligations. Production will move after that, and the cost should go down.

Minister of Sciences reports all going well. Ideas are being considered for a regalia trailer, but it is still in question just what equipment and regalia would be kept in the trailer. Sciences reported that Wealdsmere is ready to put in a bid for the 25th Year Celebration. Site would be Farragut Park; a rough draft of the proposal will be completed by September Crown, with 2 dates proposed (May or late June).

Chronicler was absent but sent report. Office activities going well, but will be sending a letter to Guildheads to discuss whether guild publications (i.e. Scrib(bl)e, etc.) should be published through the Chroniclers office. (ED. - that is, whether or not they should be considered to be within her office's sphere of responsibility (should report, send copies for Archives, etc.).)

Water Bearers are doing fine, but could use a simple pavilion. Short of tabards, also.

Constable reported things running fairly well, but did report some difficulties experienced at May Crown. There will be a symposium this fall for training.

Gareth of Eastbrook was introduced as the new Preceptor (Pages). He has lots of things to look at and consider, but does plan to implement standardized rules for three levels of pages. He is also looking into possible Ithra-type classes for pages.

Pied Piper - no report.

Black Lion reported that all files have been transferred to her and that all is in order. She attended the Known Worlde Heraldic Symposium and learned some things. There is no reason to delay submissions, as the Herald's office is working normally, even with the change of officers. The An Tir Ceremonial (book) is available from Sophia ($12.50).

Arts office presented information about the proposed Arts & Sciences pavilion, along with some possible fabric samples. There were some cost estimates and specifications sent, and the issue was discussed at length. It was also discussed whether Ithra participation at events was feasible. There will be two Ithra-sponsored classes at September Crown.

The Shire of Seagirt is making a record of medieval dance music. It should be available sometime in the fall.

A report on September Crown was given, and it was noted that a tentative schedule was being set up. The site is extremely large; space will be marked on the eric for those who need it, and enforced by a site warden.

The Committee for the Twelfth Night Coronation was present. The event will be held in Three Mountains at the Portland Masonic Temple on Jan 16, 1988. Site fee will be $5, doors will open at 9 am. A served feast will be done by Black Kettle, cost TBA. This is a semi-wet site: all liquor consumption is limited to the first floor feast area. There are separate areas for merchants and guild tables, also both quiet and noisy childcare areas. The main court hall can seat 1200, so space will be no problem. Only parking is a problem, and that should be resolved in the fall.

The meeting was adjourned.

- Thorik Sigurdsson, for CCT

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