An Tir Curia Minutes - 1/13/85

Countess Morwyn, Kingdom Seneschale, reminded everyone that the May 1 deadline for counting memberships of all branches is coming up. She wants to make sure we get properly warranted officers in time to make the deadline. She suggested that all kingdom officers send to the Registry for a registry list to make sure they are warranting paid members. Local seneschals are also working to make sure local officers are paid members and are having them write to the kingdom officers. Please answer these letters as quickly as possible. Please send job descriptions to Morwyn; these are to send out to prospective new officers. She bounced three branches last night, and the Shire of Rosemont has been dissolved, but we have two incipient branches to make up for it. The question was raised: What happens to members in areas that are suspended? Such branches can't sponsor any official SCA events until the suspension is lifted. Morwyn will talk to the Steward about NSCA problems.

Black Lion Herald reported that book heraldry is caught up on correspondence. The next letter is going out. Court heraldry has been changed; a chief deputy was warranted at Coronation. In field heraldry, the structure is being changed in some ways to be more efficient. We're adding some new regalia and working on a compilation of ceremonies.

We have a new Kingdom Arts Mistress, Godytha of Whiteraven; she is working on getting the office files.

The Kingdom Master of Sciences is posting for job applications to take over the office next Twelfth Night. He is doing research on the kingdom pavilion. Some ideas are being passed around for kingdom-level sciences projects.

The exchequer reported $278 in the kingdom coffers.

The new kingdom constable, Siegfried the Immane, is meeting with Kendrew this morning to pick up paperwork.

The chroniclers were having immense problems getting the office files and earlier financial reports from the former office holder. They had a meeting with local chroniclers at Twelfth Night and passed out newsletter evaluations and warranting forms. They gave three Awards of Excellence to Bend Thine Ear (River's Bend), Wastekeep Word (Wastekeep), and Harpsong (Glyn Dwfn).

The chirurgeon has been rewarranting everybody; he wants to have one warranted medic in every branch.

Neither chancellor could make it today, but the kingdom is not having any legal problems. They're looking into registration in Canadian provinces and states. The chroniclers mentioned that they would like to start running an official NSCA waiver. The one the NSCA is using is based on a court case in Manitoba. There was a waiver in use, but there were problems.

We have a new kingdom chatelaine, Elspeth Alyne of Alnwick. Rhiannon reported that she had 100 copies of the original of The Gentle Hearts' Guide available for printing changes and approval.

The new Chief Scribe is Asahla Telerion. The current issue of Scribble has just come out.

The new Mistress of Lists is Ariella d'Avignon. Most of the equipment Aislinn was using was baronial; the new lists minister will need new equipment, such as a table, sunshade, etc.

Only about 200 people responded to the census; the census officer is hoping that once it gets out, people will begin to respond. It was suggested that a lot of different approaches be used to get a more complete census. Should a local census officer corner people at meetings? There was much discussion on the best ways to obtain better results.

The Navy had several cruises this year--we had a good time. They are rebuilding and refitting for next year. Stormcrow handed in the financial report.

The Royal Archer reported that the royal rounds went well. There was an award made for Most Improved Archer. We took fourth place in the IKAC.

The Gamesmaster sent his report in to the Crown and the Seneschale. There's not much to do; things have been fairly slow. There will be a contest for best period chess set at May Crown. Fergus plans to resign his office at May Crown.

The Waterbearer now has lesser officer status; the change should be in the new laws. Melissa has been having a problem getting responses from local groups.

The Provost Marshals and Royal Chamberlain were not present.

The Mistress of the College of Pages sent her report to Rhiannon. The handbook has been sent to Berek and Liesel for a foreword. She is keeping a list of pages in the kingdom. She wants to find the ages we are working with so she can standardize what is being taught. Each group has their own way of teaching things.

The Mistress of Pied Piper's Place is basically doing the same things as the Mistress of Pages; they will be working together as they live in the same shire. She gave a letter to the Seneschale at Twelfth Night. In April, there will be a "confab" of preceptors and advisors.

The Marshal had the new An Tir Book of Combat and a new roster of marshals.

Costumers' Guild had Charter and By-Law revisions available. It clarifies how the guild operates within the SCA.

Regionalization of the kingdom was discussed. Morwyn has one definite regional seneschal, Darien Tevarson, for southern Oregon. It will probably be Ragnar the Bold for Alberta. B.C. nuked the idea right across the board. The concern was raised that regionalization now would set the pattern for principalities in the future.

This kingdom had received petitions from both sides in the Myrgan Wood issue--opinion is divided down the middle. The issue is to be considered closed.

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