Minutes of the Meeting of the Curia Egils Skallagrimmson Memorial Tourney VIII

An impromptu meeting of the Curia of An Tir was called at Egils Tourney by Donn an Bronach, Seneschal of An Tir.

In attendance*:

Donn an Bronach, Seneschal Jocelyn Crokehorne, Chatelaine Peter Blackbeard, Seneschal -Three Mountains Lynne the Farrover, Exchequer Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland, Chief Scribe Hlutwige Wolfkiller, Herald -Three Mountains Koressa Thokubjalla, Calendar Asahla Telerion, Chronicler Aislinn of Cumbria, Lists Shara Tunoy for Catherine Winifred of Tor Bitterroot, Black Lion Herald Ludwig von Leniminghaus, Baron of Three Mountains Asha ap Myrddin, Costumers Guildmistress *list from memory -please correct!

Topics discussed:

1. Donn an Bronach introduced Jocelyn Crokehorne as the new Seneschale of An Tir to the welcome of the officers in attendance. Jocelyn then proceeded to chair the meeting.

2. The idea of "Seneschal(e) Emeritus" was proposed and briefly discussed; that is, that past Kingdom seneschals would be utilized as advisors and counselors by the current Kingdom Seneschal(e). Two former seneschals of the Realm were in attendance (Ludwig von Lemminghaus and Donn an Bronach) and the idea was considered without determination.

3. All officers must report to the Seneschale on a quarterly basis -that the Seneschale may report to the Steward of the SCA, Inc. on a timely basis. Reports should be written, but may be those delivered orally at Curia meetings. Copies of the minutes of the Curia meetings when they contain officer reports will be considered as acceptable reports.

4. Jocelyn strongly urged all officers to have their deputies trained well enough for them to be able to take a break, resign or temporarily leave the office and still have the office function. Job descriptions and other training aids were urged as well.

5. Each office is to investigate and report its annual expense. Expenses to be considered can include: postage, copying costs, envelopes, typewriter ribbons, long distance calls, etc. Each office must submit an expense report by the decision of the Seneschal, that a complete financial picture may be ascertained regarding the fiscal state of the Kingdom and the extent of funds necessary for its maintenance.

6. Fund-raising activities: Discussion of fund-raising, implications to our non-profit status, suggestions as to raising money in Mundania, and recompense via other organizations (not fees charged, donations by) were all considered.

7. Job vacancies were discussed and the following determined: that all upcoming vacancies be bulletined as vacant or seeking replacement/deputies at least 3 months in advance of effective resignation date of the current officer. Also, that the Curia will discuss the candidates coming forth for the vacancies, and the final recommendation of successor will be left to the officer being replaced and the Seneschal(e).

8. Concerning Crown dates and events:

-Suggestion for consideration: that May Crown be moved to the long weekend in May for the convenience of the three days for a fighting event. As there are pros and cons (that weekend is traditionally Egils weekend; fighters would be in better condition after a rest on Saturday to list fight on Sunday), this was considered as merely discussion.

In connection with this, there was some discussion on just when the major Canadian holidays fall, that this should be of as much concern as the major US holidays for our scheduling purposes.

-The Curia will discuss all bids for Crown events, the final decision is of course, up to the Seneschal(e) and the Crown.

-A bid package to be established for Crown events was discussed at length. The package would outline all items a potential autocratting team would need to satisfy in order to be considered for the event. Site considerations, any restrictions, mundane considerations, size of event, etc., will be addressed in the package. The suggestion was made in response to the proliferation of newer groups who are now "coming of age" who are interested in bidding for Crown events, but who do not have experience in events of the size or numbers as a Crown event. All officers were asked to consider their own areas of responsibility and contribute their suggestions/concerns to be included in the packages. The packages are intended to be available for all groups prior to September Crown, and input should be made accordingly.

9. Twelfth Night was discussed briefly. The autocrats, Baron Ludwig and Baroness Aislinn of Three Mountains reported on the facility which has been reserved, and its layout. Fire and other code restrictions are being investigated. The site is on a mundane university campus, and due to mundane considerations, liquour must be served by approved mundanes. The folk concerned were informed that this was fine with us (the SCA), but they would have to be dressed appropriately (e.g., in garb). With only mild reservations, it was agreed that they would.

As the hour was late and the day overlong, the meeting adjourned well past twilight.

Asahla Telerion
Chronicler of An Tir

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