Seneschal's report: difficulties with proper procedure for changing officers, see letter in Feb Crier. People not reporting. Kingdom Officers are strongly encouraged to pay more attention to the Summits region; they often feel forgotten/left out.

(Note: following reports are presented in seating order, as given)

Chatelaine: has sent copies of the new video, also Noblesse Oblige and Media Medievalist (how to deal with) publications to Steward. Hilary's very enthused about MM, says it's unique and wants to distribute it to the other Kingdoms.

Chirurgeon: 18 warranted and 3 apprentices; new emblem.

Heralds: all OK, except for the Board announcement about the policy revision -- it means nothing at this time, it will take maybe a minimum of two years to get the exceptions figured out; will write an explanation for Crier.

Pages: office is passing at May Crown to Garrath of Eastbrook of Madrone

Constable: "running well"; 28 warranted; wants to set up Lost-and-Found on a more formal basis -- collecting it currently works OK, but storing and returning it, etc., need work.

Marshal: changes happening at Corp. level; training to produce new Marshals; passing office on at next Twelfth Nite; re-doing Book of Combat; has roster; responses to survey?, may have local meetings to discuss around Kingdom?; MORATORIUM ON FENCING as soon as it can be published, there've been a couple of potentially very serious accidents with blades breaking in action, so no more till a reliable way to stress-test (or something) can be devised.

Chamberlain: Gouttes, again. Current latest edition are $5 each; beautiful. (Enamels were $2 but need makers; Sophia's needleworked are free but it is thought she can't keep up with demand single-handed (they take ca. 8 hrs?))

Edward states again, Goutte is the most beautiful award in the SCA, based on what he saw at TYC. (Some award?) is being officially retired until we have a principality again (?) THE QUEEN'S BANNERS, BOTH LARGE AND SMALL; AND THE ARMORIAL HISTORY BANNERS (the ones with Baroness Amanda's zillions of needlepointed arms of the royalty, in order) ARE MISSING. Since July Coronation or possibly TYC. APB to populace to check storage; if found notify Celdae, Majesties, Edward, someone. It would be very embarassing to have really lost them. The throne seat cushions (possibly also the kneeling pillows) need to be replaced or cleaned; possibly also re-stuffed.

Games - exist.

Science - not getting reports

Exchecquer - Reports must be in on time or groups will be Gone or Suspended, exclamation point! she means it. Feb 15 deadline. $2146 in account; Kingdom's share of funds from the last two Crown events (ca. $900 & $300) have not yet been received, therefore actual balance is more like $3300. Kingdom will not reimburse phone calls, will reimburse postage and office supplies used in the conduct of the office; all other cases, or if you're not sure, contact her first! Council of the Exchecquer is Kingdom Seneschal, Exchecquer, King, Queen.

Arts - not present

Scribes - not present

McFlandry troop - OK

Chronicler - announced resignation, effective on finding replacement. Position will be posted in Feb Crier. Strongly recommends considering separate applications for editorial and administrative duties. K. Sen. comfortingly commented that it seems an average length tenure, from what he's observed of other kingdoms. Comment that some smaller newsletters find the number of required "trades" burdensome. Deduced that definitions were inaccurate. Trades are what you choose to do with newsletters in relevant surrounding groups; complimentary copies are required for K. Chronicler, K. Seneschal, King, Queen, Crown Prince, Crown Princess -- that's 4-6 copies (6 if all royalty are at different addresses). There was general agreement that, unfortunately, there is no way to reduce this number.


New Calendar forms proposed; changes approved (basically typographic, except definition of events is expanded as in Corpora, to include provisions specified for "guild and study meetings"); adopted. Will be printed in Feb. Crier.

Census - K. Sen. handed around a print-out. Looks outstanding! Will Kingdom pay for a directory to be printed? Very possible. Crier will re-run forms (to collect largest amount of most up-to-date info), will contact him about printing it.

About 12th Night - Philosophy: how big can it get?; open it to bids or keep rotating among baronies?; or how about one permanent site? [NO NO NO, very strong, "anti-participation"]; food questions - served feasts vs. potluck vs. served potluck [strong feelings that this is 2nd year in a row that this has not worked] vs. tavern style; general agreement that we want to preserve eating as major socializing activity. Evaluation of this site [to use the directional mikes or not; if not, the acoustics don't exist; no center aisle was bad; food and drink limitations in theater no problem; stage was a beautiful display area but some felt theater setting strongly interfered with participation. All agreed the wrap-around merchant's-n-display area worked marvelously.]

West - An Tir War. West's idea [?], but they wanted it South of Redding, 'til someone suggested 4th of July at Fern Ridge (Adiantum/Eugene) where last West war was held - West is happy with that location. Discussion about conflicting events (Westercon?) Berek to autocrat; Adiantum will be asked if this is acceptable.

Red Tape issue - Laws supplement issue, will also include armor rules, rosters, forms, etc. What exactly? Chronicler will see what they receive by Feb. 15 deadline. Kingdom will pay printing and 3rd class postage for all.

Watched Chatelaine's video -- Wahoo!! One classy piece of work. 12.5 minutes; footage mostly from July Coronation, Expo Demo. Decided we want to retain sales control (rather than handing over to Stock Clerk). Price is $12 US or $15 CAN (if duped 20 at a time cost is $10 CAN each, so is non-profit). Strong warning not to let people copy it for further (esp. public) dissemination, as what you buy is already about 4th generation video and one more generation really skrags the quality). Scroll of commendation proposed and resoundingly approved for Adnan Hussein, mundane staff at the public TV station where we were allowed one free day to cut it -- he put in 16 hours, and the result is totally professional.

Regalia trailer - Seneschal proposes investigation into a permanent regalia trailer, as seen at TYC by Meridies, Atenveldt. A permanent storage and haulage unit (weatherproof!) for EVERYTHING -- thrones, cushions, banners, awards, and all of the etc. in one, only one, place. In one or both of those Kingdoms, entering Crown lists includes swearing that you have a vehicle capable of hauling the trailer if you win. Designs will be solicited through Crier?? (K. Seneschal will write.)

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