SEPTEMBER 5, 17 (1982)

PRESIDING: Jocelyn Crokehorne, Seneschal
Recording: Friar William of Woodland, Deputy Seneschal


Delinquent Reports
Merger of Arts & Sciences Offices
Official Events Requirements
Officers Reports
Crown Event Bids
Animal Control

The minutes of the meeting will be taken by Friar William of Woodland.. He will copy and distribute meeting minutes to all officers and royalty, to the Steward of the SCA and to the Omsbudsman for An Tir. The minutes will be printed and mailed within thirty days of the meeting.

No reports have been received from the Sciences and Constabulary. The Constable's job description is needed for the handbook for branches now being prepared.

A clear concensus determined that there is no desire to merge the Arts and Sciences offices in this kingdom. The issue was raised because requirements have changed to allow a kingdom or other branch to merge the two offices. Everyone present at the meeting felt that each office was more than enough to keep one person busy and a merger would result in an office with too much work to handle.

A proposal that terms of office for all major offices (including Baron & Baronesses) was sent from Baroness Anne of Madrone. Under the proposal, those currently in office could have their terms extented two years even if the four year limit was exceeded. A proposal was offered that all positions be rewarranted every two years and the positions bulletinned for new applicants prior to rewarranting incumbents. After much discussion, the concensus was that no limitations on terms of office were necessary, warrants should be renewed every two years and positions should not be bulletinned except to recruit for upcoming vacancies.

For an event to be an official SCA event, the event must be officially registered with the CALENDAR, published in the CRIER, and sponsored by an official branch. The Canadian Branches will have separate requirements. Official events will be identified in the Crier calendar with the initials of the sponsoring organization (SCA, NSCA, ASCA, MSCA.)

Event forms will be developed to identify those items required for an official event. The signature of a seneschal of branch will be necessary to demonstrate sponsorship by an official branch. Part of the requirements are the identification persons responsible for those requirements of an official event. For instance, the identification of the individual who is responsible for arranging for a warranted marshal to be present for any fighting event.

The CALENDAR will be responsible for screening event forms or letters. Friar William will draw up a form that can be used and a set of guidelines for requests for registering an official event.

Some question was raised about official status for fighting practices, archery, and other regular meetings. Further research must be done to determine what requirements must be for regular local events to be official and covered by insurance.

An Tir is buying insurance which provides liability coverage for official events in the United States. The NSCA has insurance that covers official events in B.C. The NSCA coverage is funded by a head tax on each of the branches. Currently, the US insurance comes from general kingdom funds. The Minister of the Exchequer holds a copy of the insurance policy. She will deliver a copy to Friar William who will translate and summarize the policy and report to the Curia.

Long and heated discussion marked the topic of animals at events. Prior to the meeting several incidents of dog bite occurred, with one incident of one dog biting the same person twice in an unprovoked attack. The dog involved was Warick, owned by Bolverk. The dog bit Sir Edward Ziffran twice and Sir Edward attended the Curia meeting, showed his wounds, and described the attack.

Animal Control policies discussed and approved at the Curia meeting at Coronation were restated simply:
No pets are allowed at court.
All pets must be on leash.
Dogs biting persons may be ejected or banned.
Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up messes left by dogs.
Specific pets may be ejected for distruptive and/or threatening behavior or lack of control by owners.
Owners should be discouraged from bringing pets.
The constable is responsible for enforcement.
Consideration for others is the primary purpose of this policy.

Based on the previously adopted policies, it was determined that Warick should be banned from further events in An Tir.

It was agreed that all officers should take some responsibility for enforcement of the rules.

It was agreed that before banning an animal on the basis of a report, the constable should investigate the incident, consulting the owner, victim, and any witnesses before taking action.

All animals should be on leash which limits their travel to an area with in the guy lines of the pavilion in which they are housed. Pets owners are to be encouraged to not leave pets unattended:

[A formal statement of animal control policy prepared by Friar William is attached for comment. Also attached is a letter from Lady Bolverk appealing the banning of Warick.]

Only one bid was received for each event. After listening to the bid, each was approved.

MAY CROWN will be held by the Barony of Wastekeep at Fort Walla Walla near Walla Walla, Washington. The date may be changed to coincide with a three day weekend in Canada that falls a week later than the originally scheduled date.

JULY CORONATION will be held by Madrone, at a site yet to be determined. Autocrats will be Master Edward the Stuffy and Mistress Rowena De Manning.

SEPTEMBER CROWN will be held by Lionsgate at the same site as last year, just across the border.

A recommendation to change the May Crown date to the Canadian three day weekend which normally preceeds the US Memorial Day weekend was accepted. It was agreed to change the laws to reflect this change on a permanent basis. The date of Twelvth Night also will be changed to a week later than its current date so as to follow rather than to conflict with West Kingdom Twelvth Night.

Fundraising was discussed briefly.

Recommended changes in the laws of An Tir were heard and discussed. Most changes submitted by the Steward, and served to correct inconsistencies or omissions. One change not adopted was the change of references to he "Marshallate" to "Marshalcy." Suggestions submitted by the Laurel King of Arms had previously been considered and adopted.

The Minister of the Exchequer reported that she would be instituting voucher system to help control purchases and cash flow. She indicate that the primary problem has been with a couple of deliveries of awards for which billings have been received and yet little evidence of delivery was present. Lynn will call royalty for periodic inventory reports to help keep control of costs of awards.

Kingdom officers are responsible for preparing and submiting quarterly budgets for their offices. Extraordinary expenses should be reported to the Exchequer as soon as possible and prefereably in advance.

The Minister of the Exchequer will submit quarterly reports to the Crier or publication.

Three regional deputy sensechals have been appointed to provide an extra point of contact for branches. Each has been assigned regional responsibily and may be assigned other special projects. The appointees are:
Canada                          Conrad Von Graz
Oregon                          Peter Blackbeard
Western Washington     Friar William of Woodland

These minutes were prepared and submitted by Friar William of Woodland, Deputy Seneschal.

attachments - Officers of An Tir (omitted), Animal Control Policy

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