General Overview Readings

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Most of the same illustrations as Trykare below, but many coloured to emphasise details, and with additional interesting drawings.

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(French summary)

Brondsted, Johannes; trans. Kalle Skov. The Vikings. Baltimore: Penguin Books, 1965.

A basic text with some interesting detail.

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Out of date.

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A basic text.

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Perhaps the best beginning text. A good start on a Norse Handbook. Truly excellent.

__________, ed. Cultural Atlas of the Viking World. New York: Facts On File, 1994.

I think its pretty good, but have seen bad mouthing reviews.

__________ and Dafydd Kidd. The Vikings. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1980.

An extract mostly in colour of a museum exhibit of Norse artifacts. Very good.

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(English summary)

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(French summary)

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A good coffee table book.

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The primary Norse history. Truly excellent.

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A basic text with primitive drawings.

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Interesting picture books with some background material.

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An interesting text with enthusiasm. I don't always agree with him, but his views are worth reviewing.

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Medieval Scandinavia. Odense, Denmark: Odense University Press.

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__________; trans. Janet Sondheimer. The World of the Norsemen. Cleveland, OH: The World Publishing Co, 1967.

Count Oxenstierna has many interesting photos and observations, but his conclusions are sometimes uniquely his own and as a source must be watched closely. (Die Nord Germanen)

Pendlesonn, K.R.G. The Vikings.

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Some questionable stuff. IMHO

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Excellent, much good and unusual material.

__________ The Vikings. Harmondsworth, UK: Allen Lane The Penguin Press, 1987.

I found it disappointing. A standard text marginally updated. Many will disagree with me.

__________ and David M. Wilson. From Viking to Crusader. New York: Rizzoli, 1992.

Excellent, truly excellent. (Except for the danish man's costume reconstruction, which is questionable to say the least. IMHO)

Rousell, Aage, ed. The National Museum of Denmark. n.l.: Det Berlingske Bogtrykkeri, 1957

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A basic text.

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An excellent book, though now dated.

Simpson, Jacqueline. Everyday Life in the Viking Age. London: Carousel Books, Transworld Publ, 1967.

In my opinion one of the best overviews of Norse culture in the Viking Age. Not much for pictures, but good reading.

Sinding, P.C. The Northmen.

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This is a well known coffee table book with many interesting drawings and photos, but must be used with a grain of salt.

Turville-Petre, E.O.G. The Heroic Age of Scandinavia. n.l.: Hutchinson House, 1951.

Undset, I.M. Scandinavian Archaeology.

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Wilson, David M. The Northern World.

_______. The Vikings and Their Origins. New York: A & W Visual Library, 1980.

Not one of my favorite works.


Barker, D.R. Vikings at Home and Abroad. n.l.: Arnold, 1966.

Graham-Campbell, James and Anne Civardi. Time Traveller Book of Viking Raiders. n.l.: Hayes Osbourne, 1977.

Good integrated view.

Green, R.L. The Saga of Asgard. n.l.: Puffin, 1960.

Proctor, G.L. The Vikings. (Then and There Series) London: Longman, 1959.

Reeves, M. Alfred and the Danes. (Then and There series) London: Longman, 1959.

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