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Gary Robin Daniel Walker is the husband of Patricia Dunham, and with their son, form the household called Ravensgard.

Gary is a Canadian citizen living in the United States (Patsy is American). He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia to Mr and Mrs H. Walker and has three brothers and two sisters. He lived for some years in Victoria, BC before moving to Eugene, Oregon. He is rather homesick and hopes to return to Canada as soon as is practical.

See: Canadian Government Information. The only reference to his ancestry we have so far found on the web is this Obituary of Edwin M. Day along with the Roster of the 146th Illinois Infantry Company H (updated 2013/11/30).

Gary has a general interest in early tools and technology, particularly woodworking and metalsmithing.

See the references under jewelry on the Medieval Costume and Textiles page, and blacksmithing and woodworking on the Medieval Arts and Crafts page. In addition see:

Museum Lathe

Gary has other interests as well:

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